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The name Pretty Yellow Things was inspired by my love for yellow roses. When my mother was growing up she would receive yellow roses, my grandmother’s favorite flower, from her mother to commemorate special moments.  As a young and ambitious ballet dancer, I spent a lot of time on the stage and every time I performed my mother would greet me by the stage door with a bouquet of yellow roses. A legacy passed from grandmother to mother to daughter—yellow roses became our tradition—a tradition that lasted well beyond my fifteen-year career as a professional ballet dancer.  The yellow rose has always had a special place in my heart and throughout the years, yellow has become my favorite color as well, and has continued to be a major inspiration to me even after my ballet career ended.

The color yellow, as well as my love for ballet, has a lot to do with this blog for it inspires so much of it. As a dancer, many times you are given the same chorography that hundreds of ballerinas have previously performed. What keeps audiences engaged is the individuality of each dancer’s performance and the personal creative emotion behind the steps. Such a beautiful art form is presented with ease in front of hundreds of patrons, but the hours of hard work are not often realized or seen. It is in the execution of the performance that choreography seen countless times before transforms into something new, exciting and effortless. Here, on this blog, I hope to present and perform just as I did as a professional dancer. I hope to inspire and create a space that dances those same steps in a new and exciting way. Through this blog I hope to showcase all the things that inspire me by use of some sparkle, some splendor, and a little bit of yellow.



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