Rainbow Princess Look for Halloween…

Hello Loves! Coming in hot with a fun costume look for Halloween! I do love Halloween because it happens to land on my birthday month and it’s segways into the holiday season. Also being a lover of makeup and anything that sparkles, I always have fun doing wild and fun looks for this time of year.

I know a lot of people love the gory and bloody sort of looks for Halloween, and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that but after this crazy year of unexpected twists and turns, I thought I would brighten the holiday up a bit. I was showing a friend of mine the completed look on FaceTime yesterday and she asked me what I was. Although I love the outcome, I honestly didn’t even really know what I was myself. After a quick thought, I jokingly said I’m your 2021 Fairy Godmother! LOL! She literally squealed at that and that’s what I’m going with for now haha. Other ideas I came up later included Rainbow Brite, Brats dolls, Mermaid Princess, Rainbow Princess, Crystal Goddess etc. I think you can find a lot of ways to segment this look into whatever costume theme you desire.

I got my inspiration and all of these items to create this look at my one stop shop Walmart, and got the idea off of an eyeshadow compact I found there. I Love this eyeshadow palette and Walmart sells a bunch of them in multiple color schemes. This rainbow one is seriously the best. I’ve posted about the fantastic beauty items from Walmart before in my last post (that you can see HERE) but they have so many options and so many brands to choose from. I knew the shadows would be super pigmented and the palette is just so well priced that I knew I couldn’t say no. I got just what I asked for with this palette and did a rainbow ombré look on my eyes. For the color combo I did “Rave” on the inner corners, “Reign” on the middle part of the lid and “Nautical” for the outer corners. I also used “Beat” and “Herigold” in my crease for an easy transition. The palette was an all in one item for this look and the rest of the accessories came from there.

I also saw these jewels for the face on their website as well and instantly gravitated to them. I bought a few for they were only a few dollars each because they have a bunch of colors and different cut outs to try. These really took the look to the next level. I am not a very good face painter so I thought these were so cool to add to the look and make it more Halloween chic without trying to draw it on my face as an option to add a second form of dimension.

Then I found this rainbow wig to pull it all together. Walmart has a bunch of different rainbow wigs to pick from and they are so well priced. It was a perfect way to pull the whole look together.

Last but not least, I added this tiara, because you know what? why not?! I checked today and all items I linked will still arrive before Halloween. If you’re looking for a fun, glam, happy, and easy rainbow halloween look that you can call and transition into whatever you like, this is for you. Everything is linked below! Happy Halloween Hunting!

Special thanks to Walmart for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

Photos by: BanAvenue Photography