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Fitness and Healthy Eating

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Hello loves! If you all have been following my Instagram stories I have been taking my health and fitness routine seriously since last year. I started working out in January of 2018 and have never looked back. I struggled with the whole New Years resolution thing and decided not to make one but to just sign up for a class and take it from there. As you might have read in this previous fitness post last year, I didn’t know if I was going to find something that I actually enjoyed. Being a former professionally trained ballerina, I had always found that I never got attached to any other forms of fitness after I hung up my toe shoes. Since then it has been a bunch of failed routines, unused gym memberships, and forgotten regiments that only lasted for a few weeks until the beginning of last year.

I am telling you that you wont be consistent until you find something that you actually enjoy. While working out can be fun it is still very challenging to keep up with so if you aren’t crazy about your workout, I believe it will be over before you see any real results. I started last year with the Class Pass app, which I loved for trying a bunch of new workouts in the area. I didn’t want to sign up or commit to one gym and Class Pass is a monthly membership fee that is associated with a ton of different gyms and studios to take classes at using the credits the app gives you every month. You can also use your credits for gym time too. I tried yoga, spinning, boxing, pilates, etc. You name it, I tried it for one small fee a month. This way I got to try a bunch of different workouts in my area until I found out what I liked. I used in first in Boca and it was great to have when I moved to Texas to find out what studios I liked nearby. I do not use it anymore for I have found a consistent work out schedule and don’t need it but when I do travel for long periods of time, it is great to have for you can use your credits all over the United States as well as abroad. A lot of fitness people know about it but if you are just trying to get your bearings and start your journey to a healthier you, this app is a great option.

Currently, I am working out 5 times a week. I had to work up to this though for in the beginning my stamina wouldn’t allow this type of schedule. In the beginning I committed to 2-3 times a week. I find that I also have to work out first thing in the morning. I can occasionally take an evening class if I have an early shoot and couldn’t make it to class but for the most part, I need to do it in the a.m. when I have the most energy. I do 4 days a week of the Lagree Method Megaformer Pilates at HIP Fitness, which is amazinggggg and one day of cardio. You can find out more about the pilates classes I take in this blog post but I seriously recommend it. There is a video that I created on the exact workout I do in that post as well.  It is really hard but nothing has shaped my body like Lagree has. For cardio I am currently taking a spin class with my girlfriend once a week at Revolution Studio.

In addition to working out 5 days a week I try to be smart about my eating choices as well. I do not count calories but try to make sure I am only putting good things in my body. The way I do this is by cooking a lot and I have been cooking every meal from home recently and staying away from my favorite delivery apps. This does require some sort of planning but I use Pinterest all the time to get ideas and recipes and I order all of my groceries for the week using Instacart so I don’t have to make time to go to the grocery store.

Of course there are times that I do not feel like cooking and there is nothing wrong with ordering food once in a while but I find that ordering out all the time, while convenient, makes you unaware of the ingredients and the grade of food these restaurants are using. It can also be very expensive. You’ll start to see a lot more home recipes on my blog coming out about the things I like to eat during the week as well as our weekly Sunday cheat meals that we both get so excited for. I feel like a lot of people think that healthy foods are boring but it all depends on the seasonings. Just because it is healthy does not necessarily mean that it has to be bland.

So that’s a quick run through of my fitness and health lifestyle. I hope it will help with motivation and to get your own self in gear if needed. Don’t try to do everything at once for it took me an entire year of working out to get where I am as well as an entire year to understand what foods I like and what I can handle in my kitchen on a weekly basis. I am thinking about doing a whole post on what I eat during the week and go further into diet so look out for that! I hope this all helps and feel free to reach out if you have any other questions!

@rorodeiso | Fitness and Healthy Eating Tips | Pretty Yellow Things Blog | Leopard Legging s | Animal Print Leggings | Rochelle Deiso

@rorodeiso | Fitness and Healthy Eating Tips | Pretty Yellow Things Blog | Leopard Legging s | Animal Print Leggings | Rochelle Deiso

@rorodeiso | Fitness and Healthy Eating Tips | Pretty Yellow Things Blog | Leopard Legging s | Animal Print Leggings | Rochelle Deiso

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