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If you have been following my stories on Instagram, you would have seen that I am hinting towards more clean beauty items lately. On my blog I typically go into more fashion details but skincare and clean non toxic beauty items have really become apart of my life lately.

When switching into a clean beauty lifestyle, you can’t go all in all at once. Well I guess you could but it would be really expensive to replace every item in your bathroom or vanity. When I realized all of the horrible chemicals I was putting on my skin, and therefore entering my bloodstream, I took a long hard look at the products I was using and decided to slowly change them out. I started with most of my wet products for those penetrate into your bloodstream the easiest. I would say to start with your skincare first so your cleansers, serums, moisturizers, sunscreens and deodorants. I have to say, my skin has never looked better. It’s actually insane how I have started to wear less makeup even because my skin has been looking so good.

After I found the staple skincare items that I liked, I started to then transition into makeup starting with foundations, concealers, and primers and then later going into dry products like eyeshadows, blushes and highlighters. Now that I have my staples, I branched out into other products to try and found these five goodies recently that I really love. If you are an experienced purist or just want to start thinking about clean beauty and want to dip your toe into the pool, here are some items to try and honestly work better than many of your “normal” products that have harmful and unnecessary chemicals.

1. May Lindstrom Skin, The Problem Solver

I was extremely hesitant to purchase this mask because it’s so expensive! Please do not fear if you’re new to clean beauty though. There are many products on the market that are clean and are extremely affordable so don’t let this item put you in the mindset that to be clean is only achieved by making a huge investment.  This masque though I have so say… is worth every single penny. I had read reviews online from many different retailers sites and almost every review was a 5 star review and the world “holy grail product” was mentioned more than a few times. I have used it twice now and I can’t even tell you how well my skin has reacted to this mask in such a short time. I struggle with the occasional cystic acne outbreak and this mask has gotten rid of all blackheads and has cleared my skin up so well. It’s an obvious difference. My skin glows after using it and an added bonus… it smells like autumn in a jar. I hear the jar lasts you a really long time too but I will never be without it now.  It’s 100% worth the investment!

2. Josie Maran, 100% Argan Oil Light

Ok so it took me a while to try this oil. I had heard amazing things about Josie Maran skin products and how it changed my friend’s skin but I was skeptical because to me it just looked like it was simple argan oil in a bottle. In my mind I was like , ok I can get argan oil on amazon for like $8 so what is the big deal? Recently though, I got this bottle sent to me from a PR agency after fashion week so I decided to give it a try and oh my goodness, now I cannot live without it. I don’t know where they source their ingredients from but this product is so legit. I also have oily skin so I usually only use oils before bed but I add three drops of this to my moisturizer both morning and night and I just glow. My makeup sits so well on top of it and it absorbs so quickly into the skin that your skin won’t have an oily residue after. If you have dry skin I would consider the regular one. I use the “light” one because it’s just enough for my oily skin. I actually dropped this bottle the day after taking this photo and it is glass so be careful. Mine exploded all over my bathroom floor and all that pure goodness was gone. I was so upset because I use it in my skin care ritual day and night. I ordered another one from Sephora immediately and had it two days later. Don’t do what I did and break your heart. Remember the jar is glass so handle with care!

3. Josh Rosebrook Nutrient Day Cream

I originally bought this not for a moisturizer but for sunscreen. I haven’t found a sunscreen that is clean and doesn’t have a white cast when you wear it. Most days during the week, I only wear concealer, a cream blush, lip tint, and mascara, so most of the sunscreens I have tried look white on my colored skin because I leave out foundation.  This one had great reviews as a moisturizer and sunscreen combo. It says that it is tinted, but it’s not. When you put it on, it has like a light foundation look but it rubs right in and goes away. There is no lasting tint. I use it for a sunscreen only and add 3 drops of the Josie Maran Argan Oil to it and apply all over my face and neck. It doesn’t sting your eyes and works really well with other products and cosmetics.

4. Type A Deodorant

I have tried at least 5 clean deodorants now and some are better than others. I actually want to do a blog post on them all but there are a few more that I want to try before I do. This one I feel has the best defense against sweat so far. I use this one on days that I am working out. The packaging is also really cute and I love how it looks on my counter. It has sweat activated technology so I believe that that’s why it is so effective. The only thing I don’t like that much is the applicator. Since it sits up right, the oils in the deodorant build up in the applicator so on the first armpit, only oils that have separated from the product come out at first. I think I need to lay it on its side so that it stays mixed well and doesn’t separate. By the second armpit, the fully mixed deodorant comes out perfectly but the solution isn’t liquid enough to shake before use to make sure it’s all combined. That’s my only complaint but the performance of the deodorant when it comes to sweating and workouts is perfect!

*** UPDATE! Within an hour of posting this, a representative from Type A Deodorant sent me an email and told me that the separation is definitely not normal and they are sending me out a replacement tube free of charge. In addition, they told me that I can also place it in the fridge in the meantime 15 minutes before until the new tube arrives. I love a company that cares about the feedback of it’s customers and is actively ensuring that the product works while giving fabulous customer service!

5. Odacite, Clogged Pores Pure Elixir

This has to be one of my favorite products. I use three drops and press into my t zone only after my toner and before my moisturizers. I wasn’t sure if it was working at first but after a week, my t zone is almost clear of all blackheads and my pores seem smaller as well. It is a concentrated formula and can be added to your moisturizer or put on alone. I love pressing it into my moist skin right after my toner and I use it morning and night. They have TONS of other elixirs for pimples, rosacea, and other skincare concerns. The bottle looks super tiny but it’s powerful and has really helped change my skin and prevent breakouts.

Well that is it for now. I hope you all enjoyed this post and look out for more clean skincare posts to come! Thanks for stopping by!

This post is not sponsored and all products have been purchased by me unless mentioned in their review sections.