My Visit to The Lash Lounge…

The Lash Lounge

The Lash Lounge Memorial Green

12525 Memorial Dr., Ste. 275 Houston, TX 77024

Ph: 713.597.5274

Hello Loves! I’m so glad to connect with you all again this Thursday. If you have been watching my stories lately, you might have seen that I recently started getting my lashes done at The Lash Lounge in Memorial Green here in Houston. I have had my lashes done before years ago but since I have been going makeup free a lot lately and really investing more into skincare than wearing makeup, I wanted to get some drama back and decided to start the process yet again.

I often go out now with just a good moisturizer and sunscreen and have been really seeing the benefits of letting my skin breathe. I work out a lot too so I spend a lot of time without any makeup on while exercising. Even though I am starting to love the fresher look, I have to say that lashes really help boost your overall appearance and make you look more put together when going makeup free.

Let me start off by pointing out that I’ve been to many different lash studio’s while living in Florida and NYC so I am no novice when it comes to lashes. I have always had good results but The Lash Lounge did the best job I have ever had when it comes to the finished product. They hands down, nailed it.

When I drove up to The Lash Lounge I almost couldn’t stand how cute and fabulous it was. I honestly was a little overwhelmed for I had never been to a lash studio that was as beautiful as this. Upon arrival I was greeted and offered a beverage of choice and was given a small amount of paperwork to fill out. Once escorted into the lash room my technician cleaned any residue off of my lashes and used a white crayon to make some symmetry marks on my face. She explained what would look good on me by taking my eye shape into account but asked me what type of length and volume I was looking for. I like mine long and full with a little bit of a wing and she gave me everything I hoped for.

The real test of good work though is in the weeks after. I can’t stand getting my lashes done and having over half of them fall out in just a few days. It’s like getting a manicure that starts pealing off by the 4th day. It’s unacceptable and is downright annoying. I also tend to sleep on one side so I always appreciate it when my lashes last the amount of time they are supposed to. Today I am getting my lashes filled for the first time and two weeks later I have to say, they held up so well! I am leaving town tomorrow for a week so I wanted to get them filled before I waited too long but 80% of the lashes are still in tact. Well done Lash Lounge, well done!!! I can confidently say that The Lash Lounge is the best place to get your lashes done here in Houston.

Thanks for stopping by!