My Fave Workout at HIP Fitness…

Studio: HIP Fitness 

Outfit: Michi 

Hello loves! A rare Tuesday post today! I am so pleased to finally show off my favorite workout on the Megaformer that I am always talking about. I was lucky to have the support of the HIP Fitness team and instructors to shoot this video with me for a short glimpse of the workout I do 4 times a week. I know I have said it before, but I am obsessed. I can’t even tell you all how hard I have worked on my body but the Lagree Fitness Megaformer classes have really helped strengthen and sculpt my core and legs like no other.  Ever feel like you work out but never see the results for your body that you’re pining for? Well that won’t happen with this workout. Even my arms which have always been scrawny have toned up immensely.

If you are in Houston, you’re in luck for I have some discount codes for you all! Right now HIP Fitness is giving my readers and friends some great packages. Right now you can get 5 classes for $79 (originally $140) with the code roro5. If you want a larger package you can get 10 classes for $149 (originally $260) with the code roro10 !!! Those are insane discounts and savings and you should seriously take advantage of them. Just an FYI, these packages are for new members only.

If you’re not in Houston, you can check out the Lagree Fitness website (the creator of the megaformer) and find a certified studio near you. I will warn you. This looks easy but is anything but. My first class . In January I couldn’t even get through an entire class without stopping multiple times and feeling like I wanted to die. I was shocked because it’s a low impact workout with hardly and cardio. You’re heart rate doesn’t spike or jump while doing this.  With time, I got stronger and my core and body was able to support the structure of class. I really want you all to get out there and try it for it is seriously amazing.

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Videography by: BanAvenue Photography