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Hello loves! I wanted to take today to chat a little bit about fitness and health. I have been getting a lot of questions about what I have been doing workout wise lately as well as what my diet is like so I thought I would address some of these questions here. Feel free to reach out if you have any other specific questions. I love talking about this stuff so don’t hesitate to reach out by email, social media comment or by direct message on IG.

Starting with the basics, I currently work out about 5 days a week and have been working out consistently since January. I take about four Megaformer Pilates classes weekly and usually fit in a hot yoga flow class or spin class. Honestly, I can credit most of the changes in my body recently from working out. I have been on diets before (for example I was dieting before my wedding) but I only just got skinnier and not stronger or toned. Honestly I looked a little malnourished at times too so it wasn’t completely working for what I wanted. For most people including myself, building muscle takes time and commitment and it has been taking some time to build that muscle. So far from what I have gained, I believe came from working out consistently. You might remember THIS blog post that I posted sometime in January and I was struggling to find something that I could become constant with. I have a somewhat athletic background too for I was a professionally trained ballerina for over 15 years. That was no joke but since leaving the world of ballet in 2006, I have had a hard time to committing to something else before now.


@rorodeiso on iG | Fitness, Diet & Health | Pretty Yellow Things Blog | Rochelle Deiso

How can I find a workout that works for me?

If you are struggling with this issue, I would really recommend not jumping into a workout just because it’s popular. If you’re not doing it because you really like the workout then you’ll never be consistent. Motivation has to be renewable. Your motivation to loose weight and get your best body ever starts to diminish in the first few weeks when you’re sore as hell, hungry AF, and are not yet seeing results. This is why you need to find a workout that you actually enjoy and that challenges you too. I for one HATE going to the gym and it just doesn’t work for me at all. I just get soooo bored and distracted and I’m out of there in 20 min tops. This is why my motivation has never lasted and my commitment level was always shaky at best. I was always trying to “love” the gym but I just couldn’t. I like a class with an instructor and for that allotted time slot of class I am dedicated, motivated, and I don’t quit. I also always feel so good afterwards. I made it through, got it done, and now I can continue on with my day.

The way to find something that is good for you is easier than you think though. My girlfriend recommended Class Pass to me and it is an amazing app to download if you don’t want to commit to a certain studio or gym yet. This is a good option if  would prefer not to pay an arm and a leg buying gym memberships and the like before you find your stride. The app works like a virtual bank with workout credits and you buy credits to use to try workouts at multiple studios and or gyms. Each class is a certain amount of credits and every time you sign up, there is no commitment to that studio. You’re not stuck with a contract and you can try different things, instructors etc.

You can read reviews, try new types of workouts and see what’s even nearby. They tell you about the class in the description as well as what materials you will need to bring if you need any at all. This was amazing for me when I just wanted to try things out. There’s no commitment and you can buy more credits or lower the amount of credits that you need per month. I still use it though for my yoga classes because it’s cheaper for me to buy credits through Class Pass than to sign up for a membership with the studio. I only go once a week to yoga so this is a cheaper alternative that gives me the benefits a membership would.  I also like that I can use it for multiple cities and countries so when I go out of town, I can still use my credits to workout or take a class nearby. My girlfriend was using it in London too so it’s international.  Most gym memberships are only for that specific gym only. This gives you the freedom to workout anywhere. They do usually offer a free trial but you can also click on this link for $30 off your first month. I highly recommend it.

@rorodeiso on iG | Fitness, Diet & Health | Pretty Yellow Things Blog | Rochelle Deiso

What kind of workouts are you doing right now?

Currently, my workout of choice is the Lagree Method Megaformer Pilates. It was created by Sebastian Lagree in CA and is honestly such an amazing strength builder and body toner.  This is not your standard pilates class. In fact, a lot people who love it actually say that it’s not even pilates. The machines that we use, the methods and the exercises are super intense but so good and so effective. It’s a low impact, high intensity workout so it’s really my speed. Disclosure: I am not saying normal pilates isn’t good or effective, I am just telling you what I do and what has worked for me. There are some copycats out there so you can google Megaformer pilates in your area but make sure they are certified in the Lagree Method. You can check and make sure they are certified on the Lagree website.

@rorodeiso on iG | Fitness, Diet & Health | Pretty Yellow Things Blog | Rochelle Deiso

What is your diet like and what kinds of food do you eat?

I’m going to be really honest here for I don’t want to mislead anyone.  I am naturally skinny have a pretty good metabolism. So full disclosure, there is a genetics factor in here you have to consider. Although I am skinny, that doesn’t stop my body from having the ability to build and or store fat. At the end of last year I had gained a ton of fat on my body (from the holidays and my Poland trip and all the drinking I was consuming on a regular basis). I gain most of my fat mostly on my lower stomach, my lower back, inner thighs, and hips. My arms pretty much always stay skinny so that might be why I look like I don’t fluctuate or gain weight.  It’s easy to cover everything else with clothing. I had love handles, saddle bags, and a ton of cellulite and I was very unhappy with my body. I really don’t want to hear that skinny people can’t have issues with their bodies cause that’s just not realistic at all. There is such a thing as being “skinny fat” and honestly, no matter what your body build is genetically, if you eat a ton of fat over what your body is meant to handle, your body will gain and maintain fat. Period. Ok rant over lol.

 My current diet choices are to gain muscle.  So right now I try to to get crazy about counting calories but I do use the My Fitness Pal app by Under Armor on my iPhone. It’s pretty dope and it really helps you track what you eat in a user friendly way. You can scan any item’s barcode and the macros and portion sizes will come up and then you add the portion size you are consuming (one bar, one cup, one serving size etc.). It then adds the calories, protein, fat, and sugar macros into your daily food diary. After adding your weight you can set it up to either help guide you to gain weight, loose weight, or maintain weight. Then based off of your current weight, height, and goals, it will tailor the amount of macros you should consume daily and tracks it for you. It is also set up for many different food and beverage options that don’t have barcodes like Starbucks drinks, Whole Foods Market items, restaurant dishes, and online recipes. It’s really the best one I have found for ease and convenience. My goals haven’t changed that drastically so I really don’t need to input items in the app daily anymore for my food choices are the same and I know what I am consuming on a regular basis. It’s a great app if you very specific goals or you’re just trying to figure out how many macros you should be consuming daily.

Since I am trying to gain muscle, I eat a high protein diet and mix in carbs and healthy fats. I try to eliminate all types of added sugars. So when I say carbs, I don’t mean chocolate cake. I mean like whole wheat breads and grains. Even my daily iced, soy, chai tea latte from Starbucks has been eliminated because of all of the added sugar. We got a coffee machine for our home and I drink my cup of coffee with a little bit of unflavored cream. To keep high in proteins, I eat a protein shake every morning right after my workout. This one is my favorite cause it’s delicious and doesn’t taste like flavored cardboard. I’ll have that with eggs for breakfast scrambled with some lean ground turkey. I add a little bit of taco seasoning to the turkey too before I add the eggs and it’s so yummy. For snacks I love Luna bars, Kind bars, avocado toast, plain non-fat greek yogurt with granola, Turkey Jerky and nuts. Nuts and avocados are great healthy fats that make you feel full. Just don’t go crazy on those though.

For lunch, I will try to get some carbs in with meals that include a turkey and low fat swiss cheese sandwich (no mayo) or a salad. For dinner I go for some sort of chicken dish with brown rice, sweet potato or cauliflower rice sides. I change it up here and there but that’s basically what I eat. I also want to add that I never starve. If I’m hungry, I eat. So if you cannot get full off of your meal, eat more and drink more water. I also heard that your body doesn’t know that it’s full until 20 min after consuming so to not over eat, wait 20 min before deciding if you need more food.

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Do you drink alcohol or have cheat days?

Yes, I do both but in moderation. For example, I love wine….love it…but there is so much sugar added that it’s just not good for you as well as for other reasons. I try to not keep wine or alcohol in the house at all cause lets be honest, I am going to drink it if it’s there. I was that girl drinking a bottle of wine every night alone with no probs. So yes, eliminate alcohol from your immediate reach. Theres is none in my house (ok small lie… there’s a bottle of Dom P in the fridge that we are waiting to pop open for special occasions but that’s it lol). Now, I am forced to only drink when I am out of the house. So when we go to dinner for date night or I meet up with my girlfriends, I keep it to a two drink minimum. My tolerance has really gone down though from not drinking as often too. Sometimes I can barely make it through one glass before I’m pretty much drunk. I am a cheap date now and Andrew loves it lol.

As for cheat days, I give myself one day of the week to go a little crazy. I usually choose Sundays. I don’t know why but it just seems more appropriate on a Sunday. I also give myself a cheat meal once a week outside of  Sundays. So if I’m craving ice cream, cookies, donuts or chocolate, I allow myself to have it once a week. This has been a recent addition though. When I started out, I went cold turkey from drinking for like 50 days straight and I was not really giving myself cheat days until I started seeing results. I then started easing up on the strictness of my eating choices cause I knew what I could get away with without loosing progress. Sometimes, I don’t even cheat at all for I’m just not craving anything crazy that week. You’ll start to not crave certain indulgences once you stop eating them so often too. Remember I also work out 5 times a week so this allows me more room to cheat. You have to find what’s best for you and your goals and if you can even add that many days of working out to your lifestyle.

@rorodeiso on iG | Fitness, Diet & Health | Pretty Yellow Things Blog | Rochelle Deiso

I really hope all of this has answered some questions for you. I tried to be as transparent as possible but if you need more clarity on something or if I didn’t answer something you were dying to know, please reach out. I would love to hear from you. I hope you all have a fabulous Fourth of July and I think that’s a great excuse to have  a little cheat day!

Thanks for stopping by!

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