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Natural beaded rows

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Hello loves! So I am so excited about my new look and I wanted to thank all of you who sent me messages telling me how much you love my new hair!  I had asked you all in a poll on Instagram on whether or not I should change my look and go long again and I think it was a high 70’s percentage that said yes! The longer the better! Secretly, I’m excited ya’ll were on board cause I was dying to blame all of you for my hair change cause I really wanted it but needed that extra push. lol!

As you all know I am no rookie when it comes to extensions but I did try a new method this time that I have never experimented with before. Previously I had tape in extensions when I lived in south Florida and I did love how flat the tape extensions were but it was such a hassle that every time I washed my hair, some of them would slide out. No big deal, they can be reattached by your stylist but it was super inconvenient for my lifestyle to have to run to the salon every time one slid out of place. I wanted a more permanent solution that was also a low maintenance one.

You probably have heard about the rage that is Natural Beaded Rows and holy wow, I’m so glad I am now part of the NBR family! I had been very interested in getting the Natural beaded Row extensions done for some time now because I had heard that there is not as many tension points on the scalp and that the extensions lay extremely flat against your head. The less damage the better! I did some research and found Trademark Salon here in Houston, TX and contacted them immediately through their Instagram page for they are currently revamping their website. I went in for a consult and showed my new stylist Carlos what I was going for and he totally understood everything that I wanted.

The process took about three hours and oh my gosh I ca’t even tell you how OBSESSED I am with their team!!! Not only is the salon super gorgeous and chic but the staff are seriously rock stars. I had an evening appointment and stayed a little after closing time and we all laughed our butts off! We nicknamed it “Trademark After Dark” but these people will have you crying laughing while giving your locks some serious love. Super professional but the types of people who you’d wanna hang out with too! I just had the best time!

The application is a little bit hard to explain but the hair is sewn to a row of small beads. It’s a very small strand that connects the hair from one side of the head to another with small neutral colored beads and then the hair is sewn on to that afterwards. There are a few videos on YouTube too and if you are all interested, Carlos and I are thinking about doing our own video too further explaining the process.

I always like to give a little review and some tips after wearing my extensions around for a week or so, so here are some of  the reasons I love them:

  1. I only have two rows of hair in my head. Yes, I know! Can you believe it?! Although somewhat similar but also completely different, when I have had a sew in’s in the past, I had a minimum of 4 rows to get the amount of volume wanted for the finished look. I also lost a lot of hair on my edges because there was always constant tension pulling on my scalp that created hair loss in places around the edges of my hair. Most people with Natural Beaded Rows have anywhere from 1-2 rows only. Trust me, that’s all you need. I was skeptical at first thinking there was no way I would achieve the desired look with only two rows but wow, anymore hair that two and it would have been too much hair to work with.
  2. The hair stays in place and doesn’t slide out due to washings unlike the tape in extensions. Every 8-10 weeks you have to get the beads moved up but that’s about it. Super low maintenance!! The hair also lasts an entire year before needed to start over. I love this because I always felt like I was having to get new hair every time I got my extensions done. That gets really expensive and frustrating. This hair so far has had minimal shedding and I love that it holds curl really well.
  3. It lays completely flat against your scalp and I love that when you flip your hair into a ponytail, you don’t get that bulge at the bottom of your head from all of your rows that only lay in a single direction, which is “against the grain” of how you would wear your hair in a ponytail. You seriously cannot tell (when I am working out for instance) that I have any type of extensions in. The rows lie flat both ways so whether you are wearing your hair down or in a ponytail, no one has to know your secrets lol!
  4. Just an FYI, Trademark salon is one of a few salons in Houston that actually has an updated certification to properly install and style Natural Beaded Rows and their staff is part of the continued education group called BMS. They are also listed on the Natural Beaded Rows certified stylist website. There are some copycats out there and you want to make sure that anyone who touches your locks are certified to perform this type of application. For the desired result make sure you do your research. I sure did and they have gotten a customer for life! Scroll down for more photos of my new do and don’t forget to contact Trademark Salon for any of your styling needs!

@rorodeiso on IG | Natural Beaded Rows | Trademark Salon | Houston Blogger | Rochelle Deiso

@rorodeiso on IG | Natural Beaded Rows | Trademark Salon | Houston Blogger | Rochelle Deiso

@rorodeiso on IG | Natural Beaded Rows | Trademark Salon | Houston Blogger | Rochelle Deiso

@rorodeiso on IG | Natural Beaded Rows | Trademark Salon | Houston Blogger | Rochelle Deiso

@rorodeiso on IG | Natural Beaded Rows | Trademark Salon | Houston Blogger | Rochelle Deiso

@rorodeiso on IG | Natural Beaded Rows | Trademark Salon | Houston Blogger | Rochelle Deiso

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