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My 10 most recent Amazon Hacks | @rorodeiso on IG | | Pretty Yellow Things Blog | Rochelle Deiso

Hey loves! So I wanted to share with you guys some of my favorite and recent buys from Amazon that I think are so worth the money. I love Amazon and buy a bunch of stuff from there on the regular. We even buy our dog food from there now. This post is not sponsored at all and I am not affiliated with them whatsoever. I just wanted to share with you some amazing hacks that you might find useful for your beauty counter or for your home. There is only one item on this list I haven’t purchased and you’ll see why below. Hope you enjoy!

Hollywood Style LED Vanity Mirror Lights Kit 

I think this is the coolest thing and the BEST beauty hack . I find that when applying makeup, to have the best application and result you have to have the light coming towards your face and not from above. If you have overhead lighting it tends to cast a shadow and you can’t really see how your colors are blending or see if your makeup looks even. A lot of the Hollywood style vanities out there can be SUPER expensive and a real investment but you can buy these lights that stick on to your mirror and work with a remote control. They are dimmable too which is nice if you are filming a makeup tutorial. I think this is genius! The mirror in my bathroom does light up from behind so it does have light that comes towards me but if it didn’t I would buy these in a heartbeat!

My Favorite Travel Makeup Case

So I bought this case about a month ago and it is my new favorite possession. The inside dividers slide in and out so you an customize it anyway you see fit. I also love that it’s hard sided. Up until now, every single one of palettes have broke in one way or another while traveling. Since I bought this, not one of my new mirrors has cracked or have any of my eyeshadows broken out of the pan. I got the size small and it fits ALL of my makeup that I travel with. It does come in a medium and large size as well and also comes in black and blue but I really think the small is pretty well sized for what I need. My girlfriend who is a flight attendant bought the medium so she can store her skincare in there as well so you can figure out what size it best for your needs. It holds all of my brushes as well and has a special compartment for them that holds them securely. I also never feel like it can get overstuffed because of the hard casing so it fits perfect in your carry on.

A5100 Sony Camera

This one doesn’t have anything to do with home or beauty but it’s one of my favorite purchase ever and I got it on Amazon for a better price than other retailers. I also wanted it in white (it also comes in black) but no one had that color when I was looking but Amazon. Anyways, I try to take pictures on the reg of literally everything!!! You never know when you’ll need that filler picture for Instagram or you want to take pictures of pets, home stuff, family pics, brunch with your girlfriends etc. so I take this camera with me EVERYWHERE! As a blogger I do have a larger more advanced camera that I bought when I first started my blog but to be honest, this baby has completely take over. I haven’t used my other Canon camera since I bought this one. My photographer in Miami, Luccia, used this on our trip to Poland and only used it for all of my outfit shots. The lenses are interchangeable so she brought her lense from her super advanced Canon camera that she left at home and put it on her Sony. I think she bought an adapter but it was so worth it. We got the best shots of all of my outfits. If you are a newbie blogger perhaps or not a blogger at all and just want an EASY camera to mess around with, I highly recommend this one. It’s worth every penny.


As you all know Andrew and I just moved to Houston recently and we needed new TV’s for the new apartment. My mom always says she buys her TV’s for our home in Maryland on Amazon and gets the best prices. She is such a homemaker and has a great eye for design so I trust her when she says something is good quality. The last TV we bought from Best Buy that was 4K was over $1,000 and I honestly wasn’t that impressed with it. This TV by Roku was something I wasn’t sure about. The price was sooo good but I had never heard of the brand. Well all the reviews (like over 2,000 of them) were all so positive. I couldn’t believe the TV was that good and for that price but we bit the bullet and bought two, a 55 inch for the living room and a 49 inch for the bedroom. Both TV’s together cost us way under $1,000 and I have to say, BEST DECISION EVER!!! We don’t even use our cable, which we pay anyway for, for there are so many apps and ways to watch shows you love and the image is super clear. I love ROKU and I love the price even more!

Extra Large iPhone Charger Cords

So I don’t know about you but my cellphone likes to completely die around 2pm. No idea why but that battery always seems to run on a schedule. At about 1:58pm without fail, I probably have about 2% left. I’ve tried to be more conscious about closing out my apps etc. but no such luck. I also hated having to leave my couch and go to the bedroom and put my phone on the solo phone charger by the nightstand. I also hated that I had to leave it there to get a good 20% battery charge while I was doing things in other rooms. I never let it charge more than that cause I have to respond to text, emails, go on IG… I know you get me. So Andrew bought these cords and literally put them next to every sitting location in the house. There’s one by the dining table, in the Kitchen, by the couch in the living room, in the bathroom, and two in the bedroom. I never have to leave my phone in another room anymore and can always get a good charge in any room of our home. Really easy hack and very rewarding purchase.

Bestten Multi Outlet Wall Mount Adapter 

To go with the iPhone cords, we have this outlet adapter in every room. Another Andrew find. He basically found every hack here that has nothing to do with makeup lol! I love these cause we never have to unplug one thing to plug in another. It also has a few USB ports as well on the bottom so it’s perfect for the cords I mentioned previously if you don’t want to buy outlets for them. This has made our lives so much easier. They’re also surge protected too so I really find these as such a good buy.

Beauty Blender Holder and Travel Case

I follow a ton of bloggers naturally and I found this hack from one of my faves. It’s the perfect travel companion for your wet Beauty Blender. I use to always wrap mine in tissue to prevent it from making a mess in your pretty travel case but it’s not very efficient. This is so much better because it allows the Beauty Blender to air out and not grow any bacteria, which can cause acne. Nobody want’s that. It very easy to store on your counter too but I love taking it with me when I travel or get ready at a girlfriend’s house.

Cq acrylic Large 5 Tier Drawer Acrylic Makeup Organizer

I know, I know, we have all seen acrylic makeup displays by now but I recently had to buy a new one cause Andrew dropped mine from the trunk of our SUV when we were moving into our new building. It was gut wrenching and lets just say it didn’t survive. The one I had before was like $300 too so I was super pissed. He said he would buy me a new one but had no idea that they cost so much lol. I felt kinda bad for him cause it was a complete accident so I started looking for a cheaper alternative but I was on the fence because I wanted it to be good quality with a good amount of weight and sturdy drawers. I came across this one and even watched a few YouTube reviews on it and everyone who bought it loved it. I like that three of the drawers have different divider designs so it really has a place for all of my makeup goodies. I ordered it and was so impressed with the quality. It was better quality that the one I had before and I saved Andrew some major bucks. I highly recommend this one if you’re in the market for a new one. It’s under $60 too so it’s such a good price. The ONLY thing I don’t like about it is that it’s not Prime so I had to wait a few extra days for it and I had nowhere to store my makeup in the meantime.

Eyelash Falsie’s Holder

If you’re a falsie girl like me, this is a great way to organize your favorite lashes. I just bought this so I can’t review it quite yet but I’m hoping to have positive results. I subscribe to the Lilly Lashes membership so I get a new pair every month sent to my front door. I take really good care of them using Micellar Water to clean them after every use so I sometimes get a buildup of lashes because I’m not always ready to throw them away at the end of the month.  I also buy different brands here and there to try as well and love the idea of displaying them this way so they are easier to find. I’ll let you know how I like it and it I feel like it’s worth it but if you were looking for a more organized space for all of your falsies, something like this is for you.

Gold Foil Flakes

This one is kind of random but I love this find. I wanted to paint my skin with gold foil for a black tie gala I was going to a few months ago that had a futuristic theme and found this kit on Amazon. It has a combination of gold, silver and rose gold foil and I used white eyelash glue to bond it to my skin. Since I was using eyelash glue it held firm but peeled off easily at the end of the night. I got sooooo many compliments on this outfit and so many people at the gala asked me how I did it! Well this kit is actually used for nail art but it worked perfectly for some 3D looking makeup. I had a lot leftover so I want to do a look on the eyes with it eventually and see how it comes out. If you like to experiment with makeup or remember THIS LOOK from my instagram and want to replicate it, buy this kit!

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