Blue and White Shift Dress…

Blue and White shift dress

Dress: BP (on sale for under $30!!!) | Shoes: Louboutin | Sunglasses: Quay Australia | Watch:BP

Hello loves! This post is getting up a little late cause we had such a rough night. Well Andrew did. My pain didn’t come until the next morning. He was woken up by our oldest yorkie Diesel about 10 times last night. I slept like a log and was unaware of all of this. Andrew doesn’t go into deep sleep so anytime Diesel needs anything he goes straight to Andrew, sits on his chest and cries. Well when I woke up, there was literally diarrhea all over the bed and sheets (I literally washed all of the bedding yesterday I might add). Yes, the horror story that was in my bedroom was definitely not the way I wanted to start the day. Poor Diesel thought he was in trouble and was shaking by the foot of the bed. Of course he wasn’t in trouble. When you gotta go you gotta go.

I then woke up Andrew and he was in a foul mood for he got waken up so many times last night. He told me he put Diesel down from the bed a few times last night so I was kinda scared to walk into the living room and face what probably awaited me. And there is was, more poop…EVERYWHERE!!! We had taken the dogs with us to Chipotle two days ago and gave the dogs an all chicken bowl to share like we usually do but maybe the spices were too much for them and this was the result. I felt so bad for Diesel but worse for myself, for I was tasked with cleaning it all up! So now this post is coming to you from a very tired puppy momma.

To quickly round this all up, for I really need a couch nap, this blue and white shift dress is on sale for under $30 and is so comfortable! I wore it again with a pair of all white tennis shoes and it was so cute! Hope you all enjoy!

Photography by: BanAvenue Photography

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