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I love sharing my new finds with you guys. I have always been a fan of bloggers (way before I became one) when they would share their tips, trips and secrets to their perfect look. To be honest, our blogs are there to show us in our most perfect moments and forms and it almost gives off the impression of “yes, I woke up like this.” Unfortunately, Beyonce is the only person that probably actually applies to. For all of us left, it is good to understand that everything on the blog is staged and everything is planned. Consider it all like playing a role in a movie or play. You prep the scenery, characters, story and before you go on stage, you put on your best face and your costume and perform.

Often when seeing your favorite play or movie, the behind the scenes is perhaps wondered about but often left out. I find as a blogger that it is sometimes dangerous to influence people in believing that everything happens just as shown without much effort. We all have problems, we all have issues and nobody is perfect. What we strive to be on the face of a blog or in the for front of a photo is our best selves… but that comes with a little bit of work honey!

It’s funny how social media works. When you have that favorite blogger perhaps that probably doesn’t know you follow them, well maybe they do! So keep engaging with them! I always try to be aware of the people who have followed me for a while or just started to. When Peace. Love. Med started following me, I was instantly curious for I love finding places and spots around me here in Boca Raton. Right away I was in awe by their esthetic treatments and staff. I followed them for a few weeks more engaging with their everyday posts and just had to reach out. I felt like they really knew their business and I could trust my face with them.

I had actually met Charlotte who helps run the business before at an event in Miami sometime last year. Small world… and she is the sweetest thing! Make sure to say hi when you go in! Wanting to plump up my lips a bit and try their famous glow worthy Hydrafacial, we decided to partner up and yes, I am hooked! See some of their beautiful space and the process my new lip fillers and quick mini facial below.

Peace Love Med Boca Raton | Pretty Yellow Things Blog | Rochelle Deiso | Med Spa

Peace. Love. Med in Boca Raton. 64 S Federal Highway, Boca Raton, FL 33432

Ph: (561) 465-4812

Photography by: Luccia Lowenthal

Peace Love Med Boca Raton | Pretty Yellow Things Blog | Rochelle Deiso | Med Spa

Peace Love Med Boca Raton | Pretty Yellow Things Blog | Rochelle Deiso | Med Spa

Peace Love Med Boca Raton | Pretty Yellow Things Blog | Rochelle Deiso | Med Spa

Peace Love Med Boca Raton | Pretty Yellow Things Blog | Rochelle Deiso | Med Spa

Peace Love Med Boca Raton | Pretty Yellow Things Blog | Rochelle Deiso | Med Spa

Once inside the first treatment room I met sweet Kelsey. I immediately warmed to her for we are around the same age and she had that glowing skin!!! I knew I was in good hands!!! The Hydra-facial only lasts about 30 min but I had such a great time chatting it up with her. Make sure you ask for her when you visit! The treatment was really quick and this machine below did everything from extractions to a slight peel that left my skin completely glowing!

After the facial, we went straight into lips. Excuse the blank face for I was not wearing making knowing I was getting a facial that day so I’m rockin’ what my momma gave me and nothing else! After some very effective numbing cream and once inside the second treatment room, Dr. Sigal Goldring took a deep look at the symmetry of my face. I had had injections before at another med spa and got two large bumps at the injection sights, which I hated.  I learned from the staff that although that could be a side affect, it is all about the injector and how they place product throughout and not just the product being put in. She has been doing this a long time and informed me that she always encourages herself to learn more about her craft and is constantly improving her practices and methods.

I had told her that I wanted a slight pout in the center and not necessarily more volume around the whole entire lip area. She listened to me carefully and recommended a full syringe of Restylane for what I wanted and properly distributed the product for the perfect sexy pout. I loved the result as I couldn’t believe she did that good of a job. The entire staff is also like a cheerleading team and they really work together to make sure you get exactly what you want and the service you deserve. I know I’ll be back for they have made a returning customer out of me! Follow them on social media @peacelovemedboca and contact them here to see services and to book appointments.

In the end, a pretty picture doesn’t just happen. There is a lot of planning and work that goes into how we look during our every day lives and the images we put out there. I am glad I trusted Peace. Love. Med to be apart of that process!

Thanks for stopping by!

Special thanks to Peace. Love. Med. for partnering up on this blog post. All opinions are my own.