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As you might remember from my recent skin post, I have always had problems with my skin. Unfortunately, the older we get, the harder it gets to keep your skin not only balanced but youthful looking. Some of it is genetics and some of it lies in the hands of your favorite esthetician.

I had battled oily and acne prone skin for most of my life so when I moved to Miami over a decade ago, my skin started to flare up really badly. Probably having somewhat to do with the climate change coming from the Northeast but also because I wasn’t seeing anyone regularly for the care of my skin. One day when I was at another salon getting my hair done, I opted in for a wax as well and met Shareese and the bond was built. I have been a loyal customer of Logan Skincare for over a decade and visit her salon once a month to keep my skin problems in order.


Since then, I have been going to Shareese regularly, except for the few years where I briefly moved to Manhattan and then Houston with my now husband Andrew. Even when we moved, I found someone local to care for my skin but they were always so overpriced and never did all the goodness that Shareese did to my skin. I hate paying over $250 for a facial (Manhattan prices) and they only do extractions and a mask. Come on ladies!!! SOOO not worth it!

Shareese personalizes my facials eery time I see her for every time I go, my skin is always different. I could be on the more oily or dry side each visit and she used a few different machines to combat my current issues. I have now been going to her for over a decade and I wouldn’t have the skin that I have if it wasn’t for her true understanding of her craft.

 I wanted to share more of my beauty routines with you all this year and since I go to her every month, it only made sense that I dedicated a post to why I drive down from Boca Raton to Miami just to see her. Usually, pretty posts are always the name of the game here but because I want to be truly honest and be a little raw with you guys, I decided not to edit a single photo so that you could see what my real skin looks like (and without makeup too). Am I crazy? Probably.. but here we go!

After about a 5-10 minute girl chat, I pull my hair up and get comfortable on the table. Usually I don’t change out of my sweats or leggings but Shareese always gives you the option to change into this terry cloth spa dress. I opted for it this time for my sweats can be pretty ratty and wouldn’t look good in the photos lol.

Shareese then does a full cleanse on my skin while the steamer is heating up. This part is pretty standard but she uses her own line of personalized skincare to do the job. This takes away all the excess oils but also doesn’t strip my skin.

Without further ado she brings out her first machine/tool. This one has an electric shock sort of feeling when used on my skin but scrapes away the bad stuff. I actually always wondered what these tools looked like for my eyes are always closed when she performs these processes so I actually have no idea what the buttons and knobs on this machine mean but I’ll leave that to the professionals.

After that we go straight into extractions and she really takes her time on this. I am probably one of the odd balls out there that actually like the pain that comes with having extractions. I just like the fact that she’s getting all of that gunk out of my pores that has been sitting in my skin over the past month. It is so satisfying.

After she has cleared out the rest of my skin, she goes onto her next tool. This one kills all the bacteria left on my skin from the extractions. It has a tingling feeling but doesn’t hurt at all. It’s funny when looking back at the pictures. This one machine looks exactly how it feels. When I imagined for the last few years what this tool looked like, it’s pretty similar to what I envisioned.

After this we go into one of my favorite parts… microdermabrasion!!! This tools scrapes off all the dead skin from my face and leaves a soft surface. I LOVE THIS PROCESS!!! It literally makes such a difference on your skin.

After micro we then go into a hydrating tip that also helps removes dead skin but also hydrates the skin. It sucks all the crap out and leaves your skin pristine.

Last but not least, the last tool she uses puts the oxygen back into my skin. It also smells really good too. I know that’s weird but it’s very relaxing.

Once all the scraping, sucking, and pulling is done, she uses a recovery mask by Dermalogica to soothe and treat.

While the mask sits, she does my brows. I wish I lived closer so I could do them every two weeks but I am always in need for a cleanup when I get my facial. After this she finishes up with a moisturizer and a sunscreen if I am going to be out and about that day but I knew I was going straight home to my couch so I opted out of that this time.

And voila! There you have it! I am all done! Doesn’t my skin look refreshed here? In the earlier photos, you can really see my pores and the unevenness in texture. Now in this unedited photo, you can really see how clean, smooth, and pore-less my skin looks.  If you’re in the Miami area you should really check out her salon. It’s so clean and airy and has such a homey atmosphere.

Honestly though guys, she is the best of the best. She’s been featured in Ocean Drive, Allure Magazine, Miami’s Top 20 etc. She knows her business and knows skin. I would be lost without her magic hands. If your skin is feeling a little dull or giving you problems, or just  in need for a routine cleanse, visit her salon in North Miami Beach.

Photo curtesy of Shareese Logan

Photography by: Luccia Lowenthal

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