Navy Self Portrait Dress & Bow…

Self Portrait Dress

I’m a lover of all things bows and I couldn’t resist seeing them everywhere lately. After my wedding this past September I really got into single embellishments like the one my husband wore at our ceremony and reception. He wore a gold lapel pin with his gorgeous tuxedo and it really made the outfit. His lapel pin was Dolce and Gabbana as well as his tuxedo jacket but the pin was really expensive ($600). For our wedding, we could understand spending the money we did for memorable pieces but for an everyday purchase (especially for costume jewelry), it was really overpriced. Even after looking for a few more at perhaps a lower price point, I came to see that there was a real void in beautiful broaches and mens lapel pins.

A few months later around Christmas time I was in the Gucci store drooling when I came across this beautiful bow like brooch. I was obsessed and had to have it. Oops… it was $390. Well it was no longer our wedding day and I had no real excuse to buy this beautiful piece (I mean come on… it’s just ribbon right?…RIGHT?!!!). As you might have seen lately, I have been really into DIY projects as seen by a recent DIY outfit project here so I decided to try and make one myself. Voila, this navy and white bow brooch was born and I have to say I am impressed with my handy work. My husband was also really happy that I saved $390 too lol!

Usually when I shop for blog outfits, I buy the outfit first and then think about the accessories later. This time, I did the reverse. After making this bow brooch, I hunted the online boutiques to find something to wear it with. After I started going crosseyed from looking at the computer screen for too long,  I decided I couldn’t find anything perfect enough for this brooch so I put it down and gave it a rest. After a few weeks during a random search I found this dress and the perfect combo was realized!

It was honesty more money than I wanted to spend but it was the perfect dress to my new accessory. And I mean, come on… I did already save $390 RIGHT?!!! It’s called balance haha! Moral of the story… If you can’t buy it… make it. I am thinking of making more of these brooches in a range of colors and perhaps offering them to anyone who would want them for sale. I had fun doing this project and the result was one of my favorite outfits ever.

Dress: Self Portrait | Shoes: Louboutin | Handbag: YSL | Bow: Made by moi

Photography by: Luccia Lowenthal

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