My Skin Care Journey & Holy Grail Tatcha Products…

One of the things I wanted to tackle this year was better health overall. Like eating healthy and working out, I really wanted to continue to take good care of my skin. A little background on my skin: I have had cystic acne for most of adult life, I really try to only use products that won’t break me out and combat my heavy oil levels. It’s a constant struggle having oily skin and my oil seems to be able to break down all of my cosmetic products in just a few hours. Having a regimen for me is key and with effort I have been able to eliminate most of my acne. Even without the worry of constant new zits surfacing, my oil levels have still kept me hard at work on a normal basis.

I have done everything from Proactive as a teenager to taking serious proscribed products well into my adult life. What has worked for me is finding a system. I use certain cleansers and moisturizers in my regimen and it is very hard for me to work a new product into my system in fear of breaking out. Every time I get a zit, I end up scaring, even when I don’t touch it. It is very frustrating so I try to prevent new ones from surfacing.

One of the things that has really helped me through the years is finding a good esthetician who really understands your type of skin. Once a month I go to Shareese Logan in North Miami Beach and have been seeing her for years. After diagnosing my skin at the beginning of each visit, she does a custom facial and gives my skin whatever it needs that month and it has been a huge lifesaver for me.

Facials are good to keep on a schedule but it means nothing if you don’t take care of your skin at home. My goal is to keep my skin hydrated enough for it not to overproduce oil but to use products that are light enough to also not clog my pores. Lately, my ride or die has been The Water Cream by Tatcha. Once I started using this last summer, I have never looked back. It even helps regulate my oil production, which is a huge lifesaver and it also leaves no sticky or tacky feeling.

I have been using this product for a few months and I highly, HIGHLY, recommend it. I also love the packaging and it’s easy to not contaminate the product with bacteria because the gold top of the jar is actually a spoon. If you’re not too oily and want something slightly heavier, I recommend their Silk Cream. I haven’t used it but the reviews are fantastic. Both of these are really good for minimizing pores and my skin has changed dramatically in not only appearance but in feel.

Recently they just came out with The Deep Cleanse, which works extremely well with The Water Cream. It not only lifts impurities and cleans out your pores but also helps with the appearance of pores too. It smells divine and has a really nice slip when it touches the skin. I have been using it for a few weeks now and I went back for a second bottle and my local Sephora, and they had already sold out and I had to order a replenishment online. It’s just that good.

Along with drinking a ton of water and using a fantastic pore minimizing sunscreen, this line is now one of my must haves and should be on your must try’s for 2018. You can shop more of the Tatcha line here or below.


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