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Hello loves! I am so excited to have sent out the Save the Dates for our wedding next year. I can’t tell you how blessed I feel at this moment and now that they have officially been sent out, I can stop pinching myself for I know it’s all real! We really wanted the save the dates as well as the formal invitations (that will be sent out a few months before the wedding) to be a little preview of what the wedding will be like. My future mother in law was such a great leader through this entire process. Having planned a wedding before for Andrew’s brother, she already knew exactly where to go for our save the dates.

We designed our save the dates with Lilian Designs Studio in Coral Gables, Florida. I loved the entire process and thought it was the perfect activity for getting all of my creative energy out. They have so many paper, envelope and lining samples that honestly it can get a little overwhelming if you don’t go in with some sort of idea of what you want. They were so helpful though throughout the entire process with recommendations and finished samples for you to draw ideas from. You can pretty much create whatever you want. We had a few different drafts but we both agreed in the end that this design was “the one”. My future mother in law and I had so much fun!

After finishing our design, we wanted to then add a little bit of extra glam to the envelopes and designed our own personal stamps with Zazzle. I thought this idea was so unique. Why ruin such a beautiful envelope with a generic stamp? I loved how we were able to transfer our logo as well as the color palette of the save the date to the postage. I also loved that you could choose the size of the stamp as well.

My future mother in law surprised me with them once they were finished and I was over the moon excited. She designed the whole stamp and I couldn’t have done a better job if I tried. She gets me lol. Just make sure whomever is designing your save the dates or invitations that they give you the correct weight and postage price for your stamps. You’ll be very upset if you accidentally order the wrong postage amount. Hope this helps any future brides out there or anyone who is planning a future event. These details were the perfect addition to our wedding as well as for our guests. Thanks for stopping by!