Makeup for Oily and acne prone Skin…

Hello loves! I thought I would do something a little different today… Although we love fashion and look forward to stunning in our newest and baddest wardrobe choices, it is important that as women we are able to put an entire look together from head to toe and step out of our front door with all the confidence we can muster. Being a woman who has had to deal with oily and acne prone skin for so long, I thought it would be a great way to not only demonstrate but to show you all the techniques used to put your best face forward with some of the products that have helped me so much over the years. So here we go, I hope you enjoy!


You’ll see a lot of my favorite skin care products displayed above. I use this cleanser to fight most of my acne and this clearing solution to help fight breakouts throughout the day. One of my favorite products is this oil control mattifier that really helps keep the shine away. I usually only use this last product when I am wearing makeup. Otherwise I like to you this moisturizer with SPF and Vitamin C for the days that I am trying to take a break from makeup but still protect my skin from the harsh Florida sun rays. I know skin care can get a tad pricey so there is a trail set here that has all but one of the products for you to try in their sample size trial pack.



After the use of my cleaners and facial products, I find that a good primer is everything!!! I love this one from Makeup Forever. It is really mattifying. From my own daily use I find that it dries really fast so you’ll need to work quickly. It literally is the reason that I can go shine free all day. Out of all the products that I use everyday, this is the one that I can’t live without. You’ll have to trust me on this one but if you have oily skin, this is literally going to be your new best friend. It’s the best thing ever to ensure a full day of oil free skin as well as a mattified appearance.


Here comes the foundation people! A base for all the things that you’re going to apply to that pretty little face! I love this foundation from Estee Lauder (5N1 Rich Ginger). I feel like it really sets a great smooth canvas for everything else we are going to apply. I love how this foundation is a long wear foundation and I don’t have to worry about it caking or seeping into my pores. Note: this is a full coverage foundation that I use daily. If you do not like a full coverage foundation, I suggest a lighter coverage or tinted moisturizer. I also love this one from Cover FX. It is very buildable and allows you to apply as much as one would need for their lifestyle. I apply all my foundation with a wet beauty blender if I would like lighter coverage and a dry beauty blender if I would like more of a full coverage look.


Next is my favorite part. The concealer. I live for a good contour and I love to accent my cheekbones and I use a concealer 2x lighter than my skin tone to bring light to the correct parts of my face. I use this concealer (NC42) because it doesn’t crease or cake after a few hours but really helps to mattify. Again, this is a product that works quickly, so a beauty blender and a quick hand is crucial in getting everything to blend correctly.




Alrighty then people, now that your concealer is applied, we aren’t quite done yet here. You really need to add a translucent powder to the areas where the concealer was applied to set it for the long wear. I’m sure you’ve heard of “baking” and this is exactly what all those YouTube vloggers are talking about. 5-10 min people and the baking process is complete. This translucent powder by Laura Mercier is a dream. I worked for their company many years ago and this powder is a serious life saver.














I said 5-10 min people… Don’t be impatient.



Ok now here comes the fun part!!!! Contouring!!!!!! I’m sure you all have seen millions of Instagram videos or watched a ton of YouTube vloggers showing you the best way to contour by now. Maybe you’re even sick of hearing about it at this point…but I gotta tell you, contouring is life! I love the way it shaves pounds off of your face or even make the appearance of a smaller nose or higher cheekbones. Trust me if you are late to the game, everyone can benefit from a little contouring. It brings out your best features and you can customize it to your comfort level. Now there are a ton of products to use when contouring for your face but I love this one from MAC (Dark Deep) because it blends so well! It also really helps bronze parts of my face too. Everyone always asks what products I use to contour but I swear this is all I use. It is pure magic.















Now here comes the fairy dust people. I know I said the last few parts were my favorite but I got ahead of myself. One of the major fears that people who have oily skin have are the use of a unicorn approved highlighter. Now that you have applied your amazing primer, foundation, concealer ect., I promise, It’s just all extra fun stuff at this point. What I mean is that you don’t have to worry about your shine coming though your makeup. I have tried this routine now a hundred times and in 95+ degree weather. My oily skin is no longer a factor and I can apply my highlighter all over my cheekbones, to the bridge of my nose and my cupids bow as well. Hallelujah, my highlighter can be everything I want and more without fear of an oily appearance. This one is my fave.















This is when it starts to come together. I use this blush (plum foolery) and this mascara to add the final touches to my face. Add a pink pop for the lip and we are just about there. Here I am wearing Posie K by Kylie Cosmetics. I lost the lip liner that comes with it so I substituted with a lip pencil from MAC in the color Chicory.




All that is left is this powder (dark) to set everything once and for all and for this fix+ spray by MAC to ensure I am set for the entire day.














And that’s all folks!!! Easy, everyday makeup for a mattifying finish. 


As always, thanks for stopping by!

Photography by: Luccia Lowenthal



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