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The world is forever changing and what used to be thought of as a “real job” doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing that it used to mean. This day in age, almost everything goes and a lot of people are creating their own jobs, business and even creating brand new professions while working at home. People are making their own rules and are creating the best jobs that suit themselves and their lifestyles. An office, whether you work in a corporate building or in the room next to your home kitchen, is the place most of us find where we spend the most time. Shouldn’t it reflect our personal styles and bring positive energy to every single day of the week? I thought it would be fun to include a post to get inspired and shop some amazing desk and office accessories. I have listed them all so feel free to click on any of the numbers below. Happy Monday everyone and thanks for stopping by!

1: Desk Lamp

2: Kate Spade 2017 Agenda

3: Gold Scissors

4: Nautical 2017 Agenda

5: Floral 2017 Agenda

6: Kate Spade Stapler

7: Kate Spade Tape Holder

8: Gold Pens (so chic)

9: Bunny Lamp

10: ***go to number 11***

11: Gold and White Desk Chair

12: Gold Trash Bin

13: Gold and White Desk

14: Eiffel Tower Desk Lamp

15: Letter Tray

16: Pink and White Desk chair

17: All white Desk Chair

18: Yellow Desk Chair (obsessed)

19: Pineapple Trinket Dish

20: Business Card Holder



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