Red Skirts and Special Memories…

red skirt 148

red skirt 155

red skirt 161

red skirt 165

red skirt 168

red skirt 175

red skirt 181

red skirt 180

red skirt 189

red skirt 191

red skirt 192

red skirt 190

red skirt 207

red skirt 217

red skirt 220

Skirt: She Inside (super inexpensive) | Shoes: Louboutin | Bag: Celine | Bodysuit: Boohoo | Sunglasses: Prada

Photography: Point & Click Photography

Hello Loves! I hope the start to everyone’s week went well. Everything is starting to calm down after our move to South Florida and honestly me, Andrew and our doggies couldn’t be happier being here. There are so many new places to explore since we moved away almost three years ago and we are really happy to be reconnecting with some of our old friends.

Now this skirt was an item that I really wanted to include on the blog so I was really glad to see that it was still available to link for you all. This darling skirt actually has a special little story behind it. This was the skirt that I wore when Andrew and I were living in NYC and both of our parents came in to town to meet for the first time. I was super nervous and just wanted the dinner to go smoothly. It ended up being such a wonderful dinner and both our parents really got along great! I was so pleased, which is why whenever I wear this skirt that I have that happy memory. Although clothes are material things, like pictures they can represent beautiful moments in time. Thanks for stopping by!